The MD Edition is very young! Not that we're inexperienced. Many people like you, probably, have published their own book and reading these few lines on this site, complaining about the fact that they come from contact with the BIG, from which, having sent its text, or have not yet responded, many you certainly have lost the trust and are not sure they experience any of the payments to you, having had certain experiences .. I appeal to you, just because I am one of you, someone like you! Now, I tell you now the avoidance of doubt, that if the text will be accepted and everything is ok, without the need for corrections in the contract that you will be sent a contract seriously, there will be described anything. The task of the MD editions, is to invest in advertising in addition to the sale, your job, to get a lot of visibility. If you find other publishers asking for money to print copies in advance, you have fallen into the hands of a publisher wrong! We do not ask for money. We take care of everything, even the graphics. Needless to say how much work it is for a writer to create a true masterpiece, and it is a shame if your masterpiece would go into the wrong hands! We at MD editions we are very clear in this, as in all other things. Just ask and you will be answered in a very short time. Do not hesitate.

Sender your eBook is much simple:

Supported format files: PDF, DOC, DOCX, ePUB, RTF, JPG, PNG and GIF.
MDivision Group, in this case, the MD Editions, offer You all service for create eBook professional.
Is possible if you want, create not only digital but very book. MDivision offer much services for it.
You have to send from email, one complete file or plus file with extensions up writed.
Little description of work, indispensable your biography and your photo, but the last, previous contact by MD Editions.

You comprime all data in a file zip or rar, and send from Wetransfer (below). The email of destination is:


Foto personale 3000-4000x4000 pixel:

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