"3sx" were born in 2009. Giulio d'agosto and Nicola Chizzo, old friends but with different journey, they are part of it. Coming, in fact, from different musical experiences such as reggae, rock, pop, disco, electronics and many other genres, developed and carried around Italy individually, they decide to come together in an extemporaneous project, capable of describe, taking a snapshot, the life of that time even if we are talking about a short time ago. The results are the first 8 songs that the two of them listen to for a while in their studio. Later establishing that all this is a sin, they decide to carry their project around too, playing in various situations, always in a semi-acoustic version, offering unreleased songs and some rearranged covers. After some fortunate experiences, the two returned to individual productions, since the "3sx" project was, as already mentioned, extemporaneous. The recent, warm interest of Darris Hopper means that we can hear a fine example of a remix done well by "Neve", the first single of the 3sx of the time. Neve is a journey, which really happened, to the gardens of the Venice Biennial, in February 2009 during a snowfall. Given the off-season I was alone and the climate and the architecture made everything extremely lysergic. The track "Neve" was born like this, of course.